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Acer screw replacement project

acer-1830t laptop
Acer have agreed to remediation work for all Education Queensland NSSCF Acer Aspire 1830T Laptops. This is because of manufacturing faults with the device. There will be no cost associated to the school or students/parents for any repairs which result from these manufacturing faults.
The school has not received any dates on which this visit will take place, however we know that it should be within the March to April period and last a few days.
This will mean that our current laptop trolleys will be out of action during their designated period of repair - should only be a short amount of time.
Please ensure your student/s bring their laptop in on a designated repair day, this will be posted as soon as the school knows and your student/s will be notified of this date.
Below are the activities the Acer techs will be performing on the laptops. 


List of activities defined as “in scope”
             Replacement of 2 x 11mm main screws
             Top Lid (Cover A) if affected by screws
             LCD Bezel (Cover B) if affected by screws
             Upper Case Assembly (Cover C) if affected by screws
             Lower Case Assembly (Cover D) if affected by screws
             Camera Lens if affected by screws (likely the bezel will need to be adjusted)
             Lock tight LHS and RHS Hinge screw (removing Cover C)
             Lock tight all remaining screws
·              5 x 5mm screws on bottom plate
·              10 x 4mm on bottom Cover D
             Replace and lock tight any missing screws
             Record condition of the unit for future consideration
             Rubber around LCD Bezel
             Rubber Feet on lower casing assembly
             Chipped Plastic Corners if affected by screws (will only be recorded by TL in i-Track)
             Remove any labelling from old/damaged plastics and re-affix to new plastics
Out of Scope
             Normal wear and tear (cosmetic damage that currently does not and is not likely to ever affect the operation of the device)
             Keyboard damage (signs of liquid spills)
             Damaged LCD screen (cracks or scratches)
             Plastics around corners / hinges bent inwards or broken off which are not relating from the loosening of the screws
             Hardware failures requiring a repair job (follow the current warranty process) ie: faulty HDD, RAM, Software issue etc